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Nellene Tree

What is 14k gold-filled?

The most common question I get asked is "what does 14k gold-filled mean?". Let me start by letting you know what it is not. It is not gold plated which is a far inferior product that is applied differently and will peel off or tarnish. Even though the name gold-filled implies the material is filled with gold, the real 14k gold is on the outside. Gold-filled is made by heat and pressure bonding a thin layer of 14k gold to base metal core. That is why it is very important all my materials are made in the USA where the...

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How To Clean 14k Gold Filled Jewelry

 14k gold filled jewelry is the hot trend right now.    Should you treat it just like regular 14k gold? NO! Although it does have real gold in it, you need to clean it without harsh chemicals. Below you will find simple instructions on caring for your 14k gold filled jewelry. -14k Gold Filled care: Do not use a chemical jewelry cleaner or treated cloths. 14k gold filled products are resistant to tarnishing because the outside layer is actually gold and is thick enough to prevent oxidation of the inner material. We recommend minimizing exposure to moisture and chemicals such as...

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