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What's with the name?








Welcome! Most people want to know what's with my name, Nellene Tree. It's not really that exciting and I wish I had some amazing story behind it. The plain and simple truth is my parents decided to name me Nellene Tree. (my sister got Marie for her middle name, go figure) I have a feeling being born in the 70's has something to do with it. "wink, wink."

Here's the long and short of my life story.

I was born and raised in southern California. I’m kind of tall at 5’ 10”. I was married to a very special guy at age 19 and later we had our son. After 16 years of marriage I became a widow & single mom suddenly from a scuba diving accident. With faith, family and friends, my son and I have been able to find happiness again in life. My son has grown up to be a man his dad would be so proud of! I am now re-married to my personal "knight in shining armor", Ryan. Words cannot describe how amazing he is!

I've always been an entrepreneur and I’ve always been very nostalgic a.k.a. a hoarder. ;) However, a few years ago we sold everything and simplified our life. Since then, I appreciate having keepsakes that take up very little space. That is when I decided to to learn the art of hand stamping jewelry. I think it is the perfect gift and it's something I received myself over 22 years ago when my son was born.

These days I spend most of my time with my family & friends, volunteering and making jewelry.

Each hand stamped piece is made by me and only me.  I use higher quality materials that are only made in the USA. It's my hope to give people the opportunity to save memories and hold on to them. Whether it be a graduation, wedding, birth of a child or whatever special hallmark you'd like to remember…It would be my honor to create that for you.